Things making us late for work at See Management this week.

SUCH a hot show. Literally. It was f%@*ing HOT in there! Mr. Shafrazi must have been stockpiling freon for 2068 when global warming has turned 26th street into a rainforest and people row boats from opening to opening.

The exhibition was fabulous, typical of LaChapelle in it's eye-popping use of color and image, atypical in the overt seriousness of much of the subject matter. We're no art critics, we just love the flourescent-oversaturated-pop-art look of the man's work. The pieces were mostly free standing cut-out collages, and they looked like this:

They are amazing, like life size pop-up books that actually MEAN SOMETHING.

And then there's this one, we can never get enough:

Good thing we didn't wear that. Good party though. Fourteen thumbs up.

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