We SEE You.

Another new feature from your people here at See Management:

We SEE You.

In this feature, we capture a look on the street and enlist our roster to break it down for you, bit by bit, for better or worse, for richer or poorer. It's a street-level view of today's good and bad trends, seen through the expert eyes of our seriously talented artists. And they're not afraid to tell you exactly what they think. But don't be scared. We'll keep it above board for now.

Our inaugural SEE You is brought to you by stylist Eric Orlando, who is much beloved by such glitterbabies as Chloe Sevigny, America Ferrera, and Javier Bardem. Today he'll give us his take on the lovely Abbey Drucker, who gamely agreed to be our first victim:

SEE: What do you like about the look?

EO: Abbey looks cool - love the layered silhouette with sharp shoulders. The overall look is taking its trend cues from Margiela of the last few seasons - just in a more relaxed and less theatrical way than on the runway .... The vibrant legging - besides adding a jolt of fun to the look-- wryly correlates with the graffiti behind her. (Not every girl can pull that off!!)

What would you change about it?

EO: My only changes would be to remove whatever the white thing is on her wrist. Is this a bracelet? It's distracting. And an update of shoes. The pump is a bit 80's for my taste - I'd swap those out to something from Margiela or Pierre Hardy.

Final judgement?

EO: Overall, Abbey has a relaxed sex appeal. Her looks says she's fashionable - but not uptight - someone who understands the trends but finds a way to express her own personality.

SEE: 1-10?

EO: Score: 8.

Well, that concludes our first session. Not so bad, right? Didn't hurt at all. Nothing wrong with a little 'relaxed sex appeal'.

Can't wait for next time, which will be very soon. You never know when we'll strike again.

So you better look cute.

Many thanks to the relaxedly sexy Abbey Drucker, who never disappoints. Please visit her website at www.abbeydrucker.com.

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Maribel said...

I like this post. I agree with his comments shoes and bracelet need to go! Can't wait to read the next one.