Things making us late for work at See Management THIS week.

Ok, ok, so maybe it's not a thing this time, but we certainly felt like things after this night. We're talking about that denim-clad shorty-short-jumper rocking blue-eyed minx of a publicist, the one and only Janet Ringwood of PMK/HBH. PMK/HBH is this superpower publicity firm that basically represents everyone who's movies you like and songs you download- we'd like to tell you who their clients are, but then we'd have to kill you. With our Blackberries.

We've been fans of the woman for some time, having worked together on and off for quite a while, and finally after many months of the usual back and forth we got it together. She came to the office for a belated birthday semi-party of sorts. In attendance: Lady Miss Tamah K, Prosti-rican April Alvarez, Lindsey Whitefield, and manfriend Darin Martin.

Check out that bag. Bigger than our office closet:

We're really giving you Avedon in this picture, right? Don't you think....? No? I really thought we were!?!!

Ok, we're not.

Anyway, after a few stiff ones at the office, the Gansevoort Hotel, Employees Only with our homegirl Dagny (get into it), and a wolfing session at Tortilla Flats we all agreed never to speak of again, we decided...TRUE LOVE 4 EVA.


Special thanks to Shea Martin of PMK/HBH for the loan of his life-mate Janet.

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