We SEE You. Installment #2.

Here it is folks, the second installment of our favorite new blog feature, We SEE You, where our crack team of style pros backs you into a corner and tears your personal style apart. But in a NICE way!

Our latest contributor, fashion stylist extraordinaire and Squint Magazine Fashion Editor Naima DiFranco weighs in on poor little Ryan McKelvey from - where else?- the offices of See Management during our first annual Overdressed Fridays. We thought he looked fly, but you can never tell which way the winds of style will blow each day.

Get out your wetnaps and let's eat this outfit for lunch:

SEE: What do you like about the look?

Ryan is ready for the red carpet. The pointy toe sneakers, the skinny trousers and the bowtie create a beautiful balance of chic, independence, and fashion know-how with a bit of cheekiness thrown in for good measure.

SEE: What would you change about it? Add to or take away?

ND: Maybe the sideburns could be trimmed a little (it's a bit 90210 the first for me), but hey- 90210 is not a bad zip code to have. If I were to add anything it would be John Shegda's glasses for an homage to Victor & Rolf.

SEE: Does this represent any trends?

ND: Bowties are not the fuddy duddy pieces of our grandfathers anymore. For the last few seasons they have been popping up all over the place, most noticeably in Victor & Rolf, Neil Barrett & Thom Browne:

Although the bow tie is not so easy to pull off. Ryan makes the bowtie work by pairing it with the pointy toe sneakers and the skinny trouser which adds a rock-n-roll, indie vibe to Grandpa's favorite accessory- thereby creating a whole new generation of the bowtie.

SEE: Does this represent any trends we should avoid?

ND: I think Ryan has been reading his GQ, he is very current. The sneakers and the skinny trouser tux have worked beautifully on the runways of Dior Homme and it is no different for Ryan on "Overdressed Friday". For all you boys who want to follow Ryan's trendy style, make sure you have a good fit on the tux. Men's suits are all about the fit, if you don't have a good fit, you can't move on to accessories.

What does this say about him?

ND: Ryan has an indie vibe and is not scared to try new things. He is comfortable with himself and has a cheeky chicness that comes across as effortless.

Final Judgement?

ND: Ryan is ready for prime time.

Scale of 1-10?

ND: 9!

Wowsa! That was easy! Naima is in love with Ryan's mod nod to all things black tie. She's positively obsessed with him- and why shouldn't she be?!! Homeboy is killing it. Maybe we need to start getting friends that are a little less cute and a lot more tragic. Next time we're going down to the Fashion Bug or the Dress Barn with our camera.

Many thanks to Ryan McKelvey for being such a good sport and looking so damn debonair getting thrown to the fashion wolves.

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