KISS KISS of the week #3: Nathan Thomas from Top Design

This KISS KISS of the week comes from a very very personal place for us: Nathan Thomas, winner of Bravo's Top Design Season 2 is the KISS KISS of the WEEK!!!

Now, we don't like to spill too much, but we've had many many days and even more nights with our beloved décorateur de génie, and we have many stories to share that are just too delicate to share on a family blog. If that's what this is.

Nathan, or "Archie Banjik" to us, is everything he seems on this season, the second and best, of Bravo's Top Design. Smart, funny, odd, handsome, verbose, and a not just a little bit visionary.

He's been a senior designer at the top firm Nathan Egan here in the city for some time, and there he picked up the skills to thwart the overly-slick Preston and the overly-not-Nathan Ondine to clinch the title and the prize of $100,000!!! Not that we're counting. That's a small price to pay for genius.

I mean, this is someone who claims that they were dying to make this ALL SEASON:

Apparently it was this that sealed the deal, however:

Check out some snapshots:
Oh, NATHAN! Dragon! Queen! We can't get enough. Nathan is IT!

And that is why Nathan Thomas is KISS KISS of the WEEK!!!!

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