NSM of the Week: HORSE WIGS

It's been a while since we were so inspired to share our lack of enthusiasm about something, but we couldn't resist this one. After veering back and forth between "Is this so ridiculous it's rounded the corner to brilliant?" and "Is this a joke?", we settled firmly on: THIS IS A JOKE. So behold our controversial pick for Not-so-much of the week: Horses wearing wigs.

Kinda Vera Wang bridle.

Their reference was Rita Neighworth.
(Get it, NEIGHworth? Like HAYworth? Not funny?)

This Sister Sledge inspired do is obviously the best look. It reminds us most of an episode of Facts of Life- "Pretty Babies" -the one where Tootie goes into modeling and comes out looking like- well, this horse.

Many thanks to D Listed.

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