Things threatening our employment at See Management this week.

This week we at See Management can't stop pretending to work while we get the church giggles over this unbelievably incisive and razor sharp send up of industry rag WWD. Whoever is behind this please stand up and be recognized for your unsung genius.

In this small excerpt, a faux Agyness Deyn waxes poetic about the untimely closing of fashion nightcrawler mainstay, the Beatrice Inn :


In her time off from the modeling world, Agyness Deyn has been working on a series of heartbreakingly personal poetry. Here she shares a first glimpse:

"Farewell My Friend"
A poem by Agyness Deyn

What though the radiance that was once so bright
Be now forever taken from my sight
Though Beatrice has closed and will not be reopened
Not one word of regret from the bathroom stall was spoken.
Where shall drink with Ashley and MK
Weep I shall all night and all day.
I would eat eat if I could, but have never been able
All I seek is a roped-off private table.
Oh saddens you bitch, you vixen, your stare is so stony.
But it's warm compared to that of Naomi.
Almost as painful as sun on my skin.
Oh what a cruel world, without my sweet Inn

Get into the hilarity here. Just don't let your boss hear you snickering all day.

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