Kiss Kiss of the WEEK: Glamourpuss - The Enchanting World of Kitty Wigs

We were on the fence about whether this was a KISS KISS or a NSM, but after some deliberation we arrived at the conclusion that this is intentionally funny. We hope.

Check it out:

Kitti Longstocking?

Cat-alian Vogue.

Har-purrrs Bazaar.


Cwowns awe SCAWY!

Is this one supposed to be old or something?

Strike anyone else as odd to see a cat wearing houndstooth?

Anyway, this made us meow with laughter. Hope you feel the same. Full info here.

Just one thing though- what were they thinking not including the one and only Princess Chunk? That's like Meisel without Evangelista! Behold our 'mews':

Get some P-Chunk in your life!!!

Thanks to the always vigilant Rebecca Plymate.

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