Tasha Cain and Jeffrey Graetsch for Flair

Recently-signed stylist Tasha Cain (welcome Tasha! We're happy to have you here!!) collaborated with photographer Jeffrey Graetsch in the current issue of Flair (out now).
Tasha Cain began her career in fashion working at Surface Magazine while she was studying Journalism at San Francisco State. She later moved to Paris, where she worked in the international offices of Elle Magazine and at Numero. In New York, Tasha served as first assistant and studio manager for stylist / designer Victoria Bartlett and assisted stylists including Mel Ottenberg, Daniela Paudice and Marie-Amelie Sauve. Ms. Cain is currently a fashion editor at Flair Italy.

Tasha's clients include Tank, i-D, Anthem, Nylon, Metro Pop, Victoria Secret, Botkier, Ikea, Palladium Boots and Tommy Girl. In addition to the incomparable Jeffrey Graetsch, Tasha has worked alongside Carin Backoff, Owen Bruce, Andy Eaton, Adam Fedderly, Beau Grealy, Marissa Kaiser, Ivana Kronengold, Greg Manis, Dan Martensen, Gerhard Stochl, Peter Sutherland, Clarke Tolton, Yana Toyber and Adam Whitehead.

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