Inside Peter Miles Studio

A nice article with a little biographical information on art director and graphic designer Peter Miles and featuring his book published in conjunction with Steidl under Steidl-Miles, Museum of Complaint. Says Peter,

"I don’t think it gets better for a graphic designer than books — they’re just the best things to put together,” he said. “There are none of the constraints with Steidl that you have with other publishers. You can do pretty much whatever you want. We’re still figuring out Steidl-Miles as we go along but, for me it’s about not just working as a designer, but to be reading and interpreting work beyond how it is on the page."

Museum of Complaint features 132 letters of complaint written to the New York City mayor's office between 1781 and 1969 selected from the municipal archive by artist Matthew Bakkom.

Read the full article here.

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