Things Making us Late for Work at See Management THIS (ok, LAST) week.

Last Tuesday night had us all wrapped up and running around like madmen, rubbing shoulders and kissing cheeks like Obama in Tallahassee. Started out the night at star photographer Alexi Lubomirski's opening for his new and first book, Transit. The work was beautifully presented in a rotating strip that rippled along the wall, leaving many of the scenesters slack-jawed in admiration. Seen: Jeffrey Graetsch, Frances Tulk-Hart, Ro Penuliar, Alicia Bridgewater, Mariel Osbourne, Rassi, Alexi, Katie Mossman, Christine de Lassus, Mickey Boardman, Tim Hemmeter, Richard Blandino- the mind boggles.

All frothed up from the heavy-hitter crowd at Milk, we decided to forsake our livers for good and run on over to the CMJ/V Magazine party at the Tribeca Grand. Featuring a performance by the ubiquitous Lykke Li, the party was crowded, hot, and packed to the gills with even more of our cohorts. Though Lykke at one point asked for drinks for the whole crowd to warm them up, we think it was quite warm enough, thank you very much. Lykke is a friend of See Management, particularly Amy Farid and Robert Greene:

She gave a great show. We took a picture with our iPhone of someone taking a picture with their iPhone. A little meta to brighten your day:

Seen: Amy Farid, Sean Hanratty, Sonny of Blonde Acid Cult, Sara Math, Natasha Royt, Brian Molloy, Jeffrey Graetsch.

Props to doorman Spiky Phil.

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