SEE Management is giving you the Third Degree.

Freeze! Stop it right there! Put your hands where I can see them!!

We're taking you downtown. You have the right to answer every pestering little question we throw at you with a smile.

This installment of The Third Degree will shine a big, harsh light in the face of hairstylist and celeb groomer extraordinaire Lisa-Raquel. She may look cute and innocent right now, but if you leave her alone with a scissor and comb, may God have mercy on your soul.

Enough chit chat! Strap yourself in sister- it's about time See Management gave YOU:

The Third Degree

1) What/who is your biggest inspiration/influence as an artist?

A) My big, fat paychecks.

B) Getting up every day felling incredibly grateful for the job that I have which entails being trusted to be a great artist.

C) The opportunity to constantly work with awesome and creative people. (Mostly)

2) What is your favorite song/band right now?

Kings of Leon, The Virgins, MGMT, The Black Kids. Also have a soft spot for 'Hello Brooklyn' from Jay Z's last album. I'm secretly a little gangsta.

3) What was your last big splurge?

A trip I should not have taken to Intermix. :^(

4) What is your favorite trend for this season?

I like the skinny jean which I didn't jump on when it first started so it's newish to me. I just found a great pair at Nordstrom when I was in Scottsdale, Arizona recently that cost $42! So I bought them in Black, Teal, Purple, Brown and Gray. At that price they are, like, practically disposable!

5) What's your least favorite trend for this season?


5) How does your boyfriend feel about you touching this?:

He would think it was fine, but maybe not the fact that I have Gerard's number in my phone! Oops!

6) What's the best trip you've ever taken for work?

Pantellaria, Italy was amazing: Belize was great:
Turks and Caicos was alright:

7) What's your worst work story?

A b**** of a photographer and a b**** a** art director who changed every detail of the requests they made in the morning to the exact opposite, which made ME feel like a failure, and certainly made me want to punch them in the face. Normally this wouldn't bother me, but they were f*****g b*****s. And they should have apologized and acknowledged the fact that it was them that didn't know what the f*** they wanted in the first place. So there.

8) What are you doing tonight?

Going to a Haunted House with my BFF Brent Smith.

9)Why do they call you 'LQ' if your name is Lisa-Raquel?

L to the Q. It's New York, baby.

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