Scary/Gorgeous: Rebecca Plymate and Tamah K give you FACE and FASHION in Ponytail Magazine Throwdown

Amazing Hair and Makeup Team Rebecca Plymate and Tamah K turn it OUT in this month's issue of Ponytail magazine. Get in to the LOOKS! Balloons and tribal makeup!! The story is called 'Guernica' and it's shot by SEE friend Andy Eaton and styled by fashion maven Sara Dunn.

Tamah's inspiration for the looks were the Leni Riefenstahl's stunning pictures of african
tribal makeup from her book Africa.

Tamah says one of the best things about working with Rebecca is her extensive book collection.

To create this futuristic and forward look Rebecca used everyday balloons.

Balloons- not just for birthdays and baby showers anymore!

Killed it.

Get the issue on line at here or at your local magazine store.

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