See Management lovers will be thrilled to hear about our latest feature:

Product of the Month!

We just think that with all of the knowledge and expertise that we possess, combined with our benevolent willingness to share with the beauty-impaired, it's our duty to let you all in on what we have learned on our trips up and down the aesthetic river.

Our inaugural offering comes from hair witch and bon vivant Rebecca Plymate, whose knowledge of follicular matters is virtually encyclopedic. Rebecca's work has been seen recently in i-D and Australian Vogue, to name a few.

Without further ado, here's Rebecca's pick for POTM:

Magic Move Styling Wax

SEE: Why Magic Move?

RP: It's one of my favorite products of all time and a must have in my work kit! I think it is the best product for short hair styles for both men and women. The product texture makes it great to use on all hair types.

SEE: How do you recommend readers use it?

Not only is it great to use for short textured looks:

...but also to smooth hair back or tame fly aways. I also love using a small amount on long hair to achieve that 'just spent the day at the beach look':

I recommend it to all my clients when they ask me what my favorite product is and no one is ever disappointed. Even better, a little goes a long way, so the tiny jar lasts a long time.

When Rebecca speaks, you ought to listen! Now everyone go get some Magic Move! I'm serious. Go...Now. Stop reading this. Seriously. Go spend! Do it for the economy. Do it for America. Do it for Barack.

Magic Move is available at Ricky's NYC and online at www.Folica.com.

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