See Management is giving you the Third Degree.

Where were you the night of January 28th? ANSWER ME KID!!! We've been through this before and I'm in no mood for LIP!

That's right, folks, you're in for the treat that is known as The Third Degree. This time, we've got Lady Miss Tamah K in custody, and this one isn't going to be pretty. Tamah's been a bad, bad girl, and we're going to get to the bottom of it. She may not make it through this with her sanity, but we'll get our answers. Because we ALWAYS get what we want.

Enough with the chit chat!! It is definitely time for Tamah K to get:

The Third Degree

1) What/who is your biggest inspiration/influence as an artist?

Nature is my biggest inspiration, flowers, fish, birds, sunsets, landscapes...The colors and proportions are awe inspiring. I am also inspired by people and faces in general, which is why New York is such a fantastic place to be based. There are so many interesting faces to look at!

2) What is your favorite song/band right now?

Hmmm...That's a really tough one. Not sure if I have a favorite, but this week I've been listening to a lot of Bloc Party, Bat for Lashes, the Cure, Bon Iver, and Interpol.

3) What does your name mean and where does it come from?
Tamah is a Hebrew word that means pure and innocent. My mother is Israeli, and my parents met in Israel. They had a friend who was a writer named Naomi Polani who gave them the idea for my name- it's not very common even there.

4) What is your least favorite trend for this season?

I loathe trends in general.

5) What product are you obsessed with at the moment?

Right now I'm in L.A. on a job and am loving Shiseido Sunscreen SPF 50! It is by far the GREATEST SUNSCREEN EVER!

6) What's the best trip you've ever taken for work?

I would say Oahu for ten days was pretty dope.

7) What's your worst work story?

I don't know about worst...but the first thing that comes to mind lately was when the model was three hours late because she had to go to Taco Bell first. So many things...

8) What in god's name do you do to make your skin glow so?

It's my inner happiness coming through! Or... a healthy mixture of moisturizer, Omega 3 Fatty Acid supplements, and a squirt of MAC Fix Plus.

9) What was your last big splurge?

A super sexy (is there any other kind?) pair of Loboutins.

10) What are you doing tonight?

Having dinner
with my dear friend Sara whom I don't get to see much because she lives here in LA.

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