See Management is giving you the Third Degree.

Tell us where you were the night of October 17th...And why in god's name you think anyone looks good with frosted lips!

The Third Degree is our way of letting you into the heads of our talent. Nothing is off limits, nothing out of line, except for stuff that is. And please, feel free to submit your questions for them. They love the torture!

Our first victim is none other than Mr. Mike Potter, makeup artist to the stars, and a star in his own right. Today will not be so glamorous for Mr. Potter, however. Today, someone is in the hot seat. Today, little Mikey gets:

The Third Degree

1) What/who is your biggest inspiration/influence as an artist?

Music for sure. I'm always inspired by a woman who fronts a band. From Debbie Harry and her huge cat eyes and beautiful mouth, to Karen O who is a great classic beauty when all is stripped away. I'm always attracted to a feline face and any and all things considered classic. I look to film because I love anything cinematic and dramatic. Basically, a big old over-painted gorge woman or drag queen I idolize. Which is funny because I always do such natural makeup to make loot. But versatility is where it's at.

2) What is your favorite song/band right now?

I can't even answer that. 'Cause I live in the past. I'm a huge Yeah Yeah Yeah's fan. And they have a new album coming out so I can't wait. And I get to do their makeup too. Double happiness.

3) What was your last big splurge?

Paying a gypsy (his words) to paint my bedroom ceiling flatte black. And a shiny new huge black flat screen tv.

4) What is your least favorite trend for this season?

Don't follow the trends really. So I don't know. I love everything from day-glo to classic red lips. I definitely don't love too much frosty makeup.

5) What product are you obsessed with at the moment?

For my own personal parched bleached hair I love this Japanese grocery store Camellia Hair Care oil. It's fabulous and cheap. I also love Chanel Sublimage Eye Creme.

6) What's the best trip you've ever taken for work?

Glaciers in Argentina or jungles of Belize. Can't decide. Love Harbour Island too. Hell, all of it. Istanbul, Australia. Etc, etc.

7) We hear you are launching a couture cosmetics company?

It's called Knock Out. Go to www.koknockout.com to watch it progress. First product (secret for now) launches 11-28-08 (Black Friday) at the Gary Graham Boutique in New York City. "Black" is a clue.

8) What's your worst work story?

No comment. It was truly tragic and ended up on the international news. :(

9) What are you doing tonight?

Making turkey chili and watching tv.

10) How can I get my own Wikipedia entry?

Do Hedwig and the Angry Inch for a decade. Be duped by jt leroy. Go to Squeezebox for ten years and in general embrace and love the fabulous insane freaks in this world. I always end up their friends cause you gotta like the person who's in your face all morning.

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